The Question Of Having A Second Child;

I can’t be the only one experiencing this. Ever since Jacks arrival I find a lot of people making comments like; “When is Jack getting to be a big brother?”, “Do you plan on having more?”, “When are you going to try for a girl?”…um, what?

When people ask these sorts of questions, or start making comments my answers are always along the lines of “No, we don’t plan on having any more children. The end.” Then I get bitched at, “He needs a sibling.” “No one wants to be an only child.” Blah blah blah…

I’m not saying I would never have any more children, but no I do not plan on it. I’m completely happy with my life right now. I love my boyfriend, and our son. I’m looking forward to buying our first house next spring, and extremely excited to watch Jack grow and accomplish so many new things over the next few years. I don’t think a child needs a sibling. I’m sure it’s different for every child. The only thing that makes me think I may want to have another baby some day is so when Tyler and I pass away Jack would still have immediate family,and obviously because I enjoy being a mom.

Jack was not a planned pregnancy, seeing as I was on birth control when he was conceived but I don’t regret a thing. I love him so much, and feel really lucky to be his mom.  I am back on birth control since having Jack, so currently trying to prevent any future pregnancies.

Question: What are your thoughts on only children?

  1. losthorizons11 said: My grandma and mom had 7 kids each. It’s hard being one of so many. I’d like to stop at one so she can have financial help for school from us and attention that I didn’t always get. i just can’t imagine splitting my attention and love
  2. mommamountain said: I haven’t even had my baby yet and people ask me if I’m planning on having another.. wtf?? I think having an only child is just fine, as long as you raise them right (same goes with any child tho!)
  3. mylittleman-conor said: I’m an only child and really a bit spoiled and I SUCK at sharing, but I like it alright. I have a dog that if I didn’t have as a kid I would have been a lot lonelier though.
  4. pomales87 said: I understand. I actually had both my girls while on birth control. I think most pregnancies are not planned. I say if its meant to be it’ll be. I wasnt ready to have either of my girls but I feel blessed to be their mother. Just enjoy this time :)
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    I think it’s none of their fucking business how many children you have or when. A child does not NEED a sibling. Sure a...
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    I didn’t plan on having a second after I had my daughter. I hate being pregnant and it wasn’t something I wanted to do...
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    I think that’s totally fine. No one should force or coerce or try to convince anyone into being pregnant when they don’t...
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